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Users of COrvus 1.4.0 or newer can use Tagger application to identify objects and documents labelled by tiny QR tags. All information about using of application and tags can be found in user's guide.

You can order compatible QR tags through our form:

  • FREE OF CHARGE - we will send them to you in electronic form to your e-mail address in PDF format. You can print them on your home printer (we recommend ink jet printer and a4 self-adhesive paper), cut and use them.
  • CASH ON DELIVERY - 2€ per sheet of QR tags + postage expenses (according to pricelist of Slovak post service). We will send to you tiny pre-cut sticks (you do not have to cut them) placed on a4 paper (99 tags per sheet). You can of course order more than one sheet. Use this possibility and save your work and time.

Order form


Ordered amount:

 1 A4 sheet (
 2 A4 sheets