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We sum up some questions and respective answers received when communicating with customers and distributors.

Q: What happens when I leave COrvus special environment?

A: COrvus screen reader will be automatically activated and you will be able to control external Android applications using gestures similar to those of COrvus special environment.

Q: Can I set COrvus as home screen application?

A: Yes, COrvus can be used as a default home screen.

Q: Is it possible to turn off the phone when using COrvus?

A: Yes. We have built-in screen reader which is automatically activated when “Turn off the phone” dialogue appears, so you can control it and turn off the phone, toggle airplane mode etc. Remember to turn off “Suppress system dialogues” option in Menu > Settings > Environment when you are going to use COrvus screen reader and want to navigate through e.g. “Turn off the phone” dialogue.

Q: Is it necessary to root the phone in order to use all features of COrvus?

A: No! There is no function which would require rooting of the phone.

Q: Is there a list of recommended phones?

A: We test on a range of phones such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nexus, Sony, etc. Very popular among blind people is LG Wine Smart - Android smartphone with standard keypad consisting of buttons which works smoothly with COrvus.

We have found some limitations when testing on HTC phones. In general it is not good idea to install COrvus on the cheapest phones from untrusted producers. It will probably work but probably not. It’s always better to send query or test before buying such a cheap phone.

Q: Which text to speech (TTS) synthesis can I use?

A: Any TTS supported for Android. We use Android TTS infrastructure, thus COrvus can speak using any TTS installed on the phone.