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The latest version of COrvus 1.4.0 was released on 3th February 2017.

You can find here what is new in this version

New modules in COrvus

  • Sports application: basic application which allows to measure speed and distance, provides time – based (intervals) and distance – based (laps) functionality, supports configuration profiles, can measure heartbeat (supported device: zephir hxm). See user’s documentation to read more information
  • Tagger: Can be used to tag and then identify objects by the stamp with QR code. Objects can be grouped, renamed,... Particular tags are described by recordings. More information can be found in user’s manual
  • Wireless networks management: located in wireless settings and can be used to add and  remove networks, and to connect / disconnect from the particular network. More info in user’s manual.

Other new functions and enhancements

  • We now support web browsing in Chrome. You can move by objects, headings, lists, links, form elements,... More info in user’s manual
  • The COrvus keyboard can be used in all android edit fields, you have to set it as default keyboard first. Use menu>help>Verify Android settings to do it.
  • The keyboared on Lg Wine Smart phone is now mapped to COrvus keyboard. Set COrvus keyboard as default keyboard in Android if you want to use this. This mapping causes that buttons on hardware keyboard has the same functionality as buttons on the display. E.g. button 1 can be used to type .,? symbols, buttons * and # can be used to type other symbols. Use 1-swipes or 1-up/down arrows to switch keyboards. Disable keyboard and you will be able to use keypad buttons to move cursor around. More info in user’s manual
  • Added new keyboard model „typing by touch“ which allows you to type by touch or hold, similarly like on old nokia phones with hardware keyboard.
  • The COrvus screenreader can be used to enter PIN code
  • There is a new tool to check android settings in Help menu. It displays a list of android settings which should be enabled to be sure that COrvus will work properly. These items can be used to directly open Android windows where you can toggle mentioned settings.
  • The window titles which are long and so only partially visible are now automatically scrolled
  • There is a new section named „some Android settings“ in settings application. It contains few links which can be used to quickly open frequently used Android settings
  • COrvus now automatically warns user if it is not a default sms application.
  • The context menu of each editable textbox now contains item which allows user to read the contents of a QR code. This feature can be used to easily enter text e.g. by using computer application.
  • Deleted messages in e-mail client are now moved to trash folder. If you want to delete messages permanently, then disable this function in account settings.
  • The e-mail client now automatically fills some data during new account creation if you use frequently used e-mail providers.
  • Use long 1-shift on COrvus during call screen to launch dictaphone. The recorder opens and automatically starts recording. Use 1-shift again to stop recording, close the dictaphone and go back to during call screen.
  • The menu button on lower right corner of the display  can be now used to open COrvus context menu. Turn it on in environment settings if you want to use it.
  • It is possible to use one finger left and right swipes in screen reader to review focused object by characters, words, lines, pages,... use 1-up and down swipes to choose granularity. Frequently used granularities can be set by configurable l-gestures. More information in user’s manual
  • Use 1-right swipe to start sayall in screen reader
  • Sayall in screen reader  can read by objects or by last used granularity. More info in user’s manual.
  • The COrvus screenreader now says meta information about lists. The information about number of items in a list is provided at the begining of the list.
  • Explore by touch in screenreader is now more responsive

Changes in functions and operation

  • The gesture used to start sayall in edit fields was changed. Original gesture 1-doubletouch was changed to 1-right swipe,
  • The gesture used to save a placemark in edit fields was changed. Original gesture 1-right swipe was changed to 1- doubletouch
  • The tone used to announce crash of application was changed. We now use long descending chain of tones. Generated crashlogs are now much shorter.
  • Shift1 and shift2 buttons can be now short or long pressed. The short press interval can be configured in environment settings. To stop speech use short press of 2-shift
  • On during call screen: use 1-shift shortpress to toggle loud speaker
  • Short press of 1-shift can be used to start / stop recording in sound recorder application
  • Gesture for back function in screnreader environment was changed. Original gesture left swipe was changed to 1-left swipe
  • Use gesture 1-swipe to left and then immediately to right to go to home screen. This can be usefull on phones without hardware home button.
  • 2-swipe up and down can be used to change volume also in screen reader environment
  • There are audio notifications about activation and deactivation of screenreader mode.
  • There is a new option in screen reader settings which allows to activate a gesture  which can be used to temporarily deactivate and reactivate explore by touch mode. The deactivated explore by touch is denoted by 3 times played sound which is normally used to announce screen reader mode.

Fixed bugs and other changes

  • Fixed a bug which caused that it was not possible to use clipboard operations in phone application
  • Fixed a bug which caused that there was wrong information when we received call from unknown number
  • Fixed a bug which caused that there was some inconsistencies when using e-mail client with  seznam.cz provider.
  • Sliders in screen reader environment are now announced only if focused
  • Fixed a bug which caused that it was necessary to use one finger swipe to unlock the phone when was active do not speak when screen off option in screen reader settings
  • Fixed a bug which caused rare crashes of some android applications when we used some ofCOrvus functions to start them (start by gestures on main screen, doubletouch in android applications,...).
  • Fixed a bug which caused very rare crashes of alarm clock
  • Fixed a bug which caused very rare crashes when editing text
  • Scrolling is now announced by short beeps in all scrollable windows
  • Fixed a bug which caused that COrvus crashed when user set screen of interval to never
  • It is now possible to kill all applications in recent apps window without a risk that COrvus will stop speak
  • Focused event in calendar application can now be deleted also by shortcut as in all other situations
  • List of events in calendar is now sorted by start date of events
  • Clipboard operations are now awailable also in book reader

How to get a new version of COrvus

You can download the new version of COrvus in download section of this page.

If you have COrvus installed in your phone, then download update directly in COrvus.

  • Use menu>help>updates>download update to download the update to your phone (make sure that you have active internet connection through wifi or mobile data)
  • and then use MENU > HELP > UPDATES > INSTAL UPDATE to start the installation of new version.