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The latest version of COrvus 1.3.0 was released on 25th July 2016.

You can find here what is new in this version

New modules in COrvus environment

  • E-mail client: module works via IMAP protocol. It allows work with multiple accounts and provides standard functions for mails and attachments.

Other new features and enhancements

  • The Expert mode of Typing by drawing: significantly accelerates text input when using the method Typing by drawing
  • In edit fields: in addition to voice information concerning respective window (2 – double tap) position of cursor in the text is also announced, expressed in percentage
  • The function of speech interruption: speech can be interrupted when Volume down button is pressed shortly to avoid pronouncing of long phrases
  • Information item "About phone" includes also information about producer and phone type
  • New languages for COrvus environment: French, Dutch, German, Polish, Italian

Changes in functions and operation

  • There are changes in tool for license management: user environment is clearer
  • Main menu items have been rearranged in order to achieve logical organization of applications. Register item is newly located under Contacts item, Messages are now followed by new item E-mail
  • Standard gesture 1 – swipe to the left, which was used to delete character in edit fields or elements in the lists has been changed to gesture 1 – double tap. This new gesture is very similar to double tap gesture which is used to delete text in edit fields with active keyboard
  • In edit fields and applications where it is not possible to use swipe to the left gesture for return (such as Calculator, Calendar, Game Fifteen) now works 1 – swipe to the left gesture for return or to cancel
  • In the Calculator application 1 – double tap gesture used to display history of calculations was replaced by 1 – two fingered swipe down gesture
  • Keyboard types Lowercase letters, One uppercase letter and Uppercase letters: character semicolon (;) was added to the button 1 of these keyboards
  • Edit field "Edit recipients" which can be activated from the dialogue for writing a new message can now contain in addition to telephone numbers (begun by plus sign divided by line separator) also characters - and / which are often used to separate groups of digits. The empty field can be also confirmed, this way you can reset list of message recipients.
  • Default settings of the application that are used just after installation have been changed. Current values take into account accessibility of OS Android and habits of users.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed bug which caused that Alarm in some cases didn’t work properly on phones with OS Android 6.0
  • Fixed bug which caused that volume buttons had in some rare situations worse response
  • Fixed bug which under very rare circumstances might cause unwanted restart of some speech synthesis
  • Fixed bug which under certain circumstances caused that size reduction of font and icons spontaneously occurred in case that phone was enabled to rotate screen